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Meet the Dedicated Staff at Club Fitness in Campbell River

   Owner Laureen Hawkins with her daughter Nya Chaillerner

Competition History

2009 4th Figure (SWFC)


Being involved in the fitness industry for over 22 years, I had always dreamed of owning my own gym. I started out personal training in a garage with no heat and a door knob that would fall to the ground. I ran outdoor boot camps on many different Campbell River park fields-- during the blistering heat and down pours.


Thinking back to where I started I am extremely grateful for the business I have today. I appreciate all the support Campbell River has shown us over the years. This business has attracted such an amazing group of individuals, staff and members and we have become a close family! 


I am lucky to be sharing this experience with my niece Adrianna and my daughter Nya. Adrianna has worked at Club Fitness since she was in highschool and has recently advanced into managment and Nya works extremely hard on front desk and manages the club cleaning. You will see both of these smiling faces ready to greet you at the front.


Our goal at Club Fitness is to create a place where judgement is left at the door. A place where all different ages and sizes could come with whatever their workout style was and feel like they belong.


I am thankful for all our members and for my wonderful staff.

For those of you that have met me you will know I’m pretty outgoing, I never take things too seriously and I’m often busting at the seams with excitement! I absolutely love my life and my job and I get excited to drive to work every day. Club Fitness is my home and the staff and members are my family. You’ll often see the staff lingering after hours because the magnetic pull “of awesomeness” is just too strong to let them go.

When choosing the name for my business I decided “club” was just too perfect because here at the Club, everyone belongs!


"Thank you all for your support!"

· Fitness Theory (BCRPA)
· Weight Training (BCRPA)
· Personal Training (BCRPA)

Adrianna Hawkins – Manager


“Many things in my life have changed over the last 7 years, but one thing that has stayed a constant is my love for Club Fitness. Starting out as just a part-time job I never imagined all the amazing things I would be apart of because of it. I have now made countless friendships with our fantastic members and staff, been involved in all aspects of what makes Club Fitness so amazing and learned so many important lessons along the way. Club is not just a gym; it is somewhere you go to change your life, physically and mentally. I am beyond grateful to be able to say that I work at one of the best gyms ever. And I will never get tired of helping current, and future members along their fitness journeys, and always reminding you all to have the best day ever!”

Nya Chailler - Front Desk 


“I feel like my whole life I’ve always been involved with some sort of fitness. Starting sports at a young age really helped me create a passion for staying healthy. I always told myself growing up that one day I would follow in my mom’s footsteps and work at Club Fitness. It’s like a dream come true. I’m finally working the job I’ve always dreamed of having. There’s really no better place, with better people to surround yourself with. I can’t wait to see what the future has to offer to me here, and all the new members I will get to meet!“




Helen Kim - Front Desk


“It all started during a pandemic. Back then I didn’t realize it would be more than just a part time job. During the time I’ve worked here I have met some awesome members along with my work family. Club Fitness has helped me learn so much about keeping a healthy lifestyle, which is something I’ve always tried to maintain. Ever since I was little I’ve always been an active person whether it was dance, volleyball or going on hikes. All I know is that working at Club has motivated me to stay healthy and push my limits.”


Brooklyn Bowden - Front Desk


"I started working out here and I just fell in love with the environment and the positive energy in this gym. I knew from working out here I wanted to be a part of the team, and to help more people feel the way that I did."



Eddy Lawson - Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, I AM FIT Instructor


Eddy Lawson is a kinesiologist who completed his degree at the University of Victoria.


During his time at University Eddy completed practicums which included leading an Osteofit class, providing guidance for a Senior Exercise group at Gordon Head Recreation Centre through partnership with Shelbourne Physiotherapy, as well as provision of athletic therapy services for Gorge Divison-1 Men’s soccer.


Edward’s educational background, passion for gym-based training, and lifelong participation in sports such as soccer, lacrosse, hockey and football have resulted in a well-rounded guide for your fitness



Lena Watt - Yoga Instructor


Lena is a yoga instructor here at Club Fitness. Check out our Classes section for information on classes she is teaching, and when you can attend!

Tova Payne - Yoga Instructor


Tova is a yoga instructor here at Club Fitness. Check out our Classes section for information on classes she is teaching, and when you can attend!

Charon Brown - Class Instructor

Renea Sumner - Class Instructor



Amy - Class Instructor

Jen Olsen - Yoga Instructor

Joy Wilson - Yoga Instructor

Chantelle Kaardal - Kids Zone 

Pat Fleischer - Kids Zone Coordinator


“Club Fitness is such a great place to work! There is nothing better than having a little one high-five and give a hug goodbye after playing with them while Mom or Dad works out. Everyone works as a team making the job so much more enjoyable. It is such a positive place to work I love it here!”


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