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Classes for All Ages and Abilities at Club Fitness in Campbell River

It's hard to stay motivated when you're working out all on your lonesome. Stop struggling alone and find inspiration and motivation in our group exercise classes. Our dynamic classes span a variety of styles and levels, so you'll be able to find the group that best matches your fitness tastes. You'll find the motivation, education and support you need in our awesome instructors, who will challenge you to be your very best. Our classes, perfect for all ages and abilities.


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Hatha & Movement Yoga: Hatha Yoga is finding alignment, muscle activation and breath in each pose and holding to simmer. Movement creates quick loosening of the joints and releasing of tension in the body. Together a perfect Wednesday morning practice.


Candle lit Restorative Yoga: This form of yoga uses props to support the body for long holds and gentle stretches. The goal is to completely relax and let go - moving into a meditative state. You only do a handful of poses in a class, and you’re welcome to drift into sleep.


YinYasa Yoga: This is a 60 minute class that combines the practices of both Yin & Vinyasa Yoga (YinYasa). We will begin each class with a dynmanic flow of energizing vinyasas to warm up, strengthen and stretch the entire body. The last portion of the class will be Yin focused. You can expect longer holds and deeper stretches to target the connective tissue in the body and release stress. This class is a fantastic way to get a full body physical/mental workout and activate your parasympathetic nervous system.


Fiery Flow Yoga: Lets Flow! Sun salutations, balancing poses, standing poses, continuous movement with a focus on strengthening and deep stretches - get your fiery Flow on ! Beautiful way to center yourself, listen to your body and set an intention.


Yin Fusion Yoga: This class is a 60-minute harmonious blend of doweling, taping, rolling, slow movements, and longer yin holds. Yin allows us to tap into the connective tissues and fascial system of the body to help unravel tension and stress in the body and mind. All ages and all levels welcome.


Gentle Stretch Yoga: If your muscles ache or you're looking to advance your regular fitness routine - this class will help you release tension from your body so you feel more energized, limber, and can enjoy the rest of your workouts with more ease. This class is suitable for all and plenty of options and personal care is given so that you stretch safely and gently.




Body Burn: A full-body workout to get your heart and muscles pumping


Power Hour: A high intensity circuit class with bodyweight movements and weights. In this class we focus on full body movements, with added cardio bursts!


Power Fit: This uses basic strength training movements with a focus on the upper body to get you ready for tomorrow’s Butt & Gutt. You don't have to be coordinated or be good at memorizing choreographed moves to music. Ideal for anyone who’s looking to improve their body's appearance, burn fat, and get that all over toned look.


Evolve: A full-body strength training class that focuses on dumbbell and barbell movements. This class is a great way to finish the week strong!


Circuits: You won't be bored when you do circuit training. This workout gets your heart rate up and strengthens your muscles at the same time.


HIIT: High intensity interval training. Interval training is a type of training that involves a series of high intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. This is a great way to get in and reignite your passion for fitness.


Intervals:  Interval training is the best way to burn calories and lose weight fast. Interval training is a type of training that involves a series of high intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. 


Core: Improve your posture and build core muscle groups through a variety of exercises designed to strengthen your abdomen and back muscles while increasing your flexibility. Walk taller, feel stronger. 



Pound: "Rok out Workout": Channel your inner rock star with this full-body cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing, and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. Designed for all fitness levels, Pound is easily modifiable and appealing to men and women of all ages and abilities.



Zumba®: Ditch the workout, join the party. Dance to great music and different styles from all around the world with awesome people, it is like one big super fun dance party. You won't even realize it is a workout as you'll be having such a good time. No dance experience or coordination needed, everyone is always welcome.


Let's Dance: Dance yourself fit! You’ll perform a range of dance moves, taking each at your own pace, all guided by our friendly, motivational instructors. Combine exercise and choreography with infectious music to keep you moving and having fun!

Bring a towel and get sweating!



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