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Female Instensive Training

I AM FIT is a 4-week progressive challenge designed to help women. This class is formatted to build a lean body giving you curves, shape and all over tone without the bulk. You’ll work toward a toned upper body, a flat defined stomach, tight shapely legs, and of course round glutes. This class will also incorporate warm-ups and cooldowns focusing on yoga inspired flexibility and strengthening exercises.


7:45 PM - 8:45PM

Mon / Wed / Thurs


Instructor Charon Brown



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FOR I AM FIT! 🥳


“The best decision I made for my physical and mental health was joining I AM FIT class through Club Fitness. The first class, each woman with their weights set up was all very intimidating. Over time, it became evident through comments & conversations, as individuals we each have our own struggle(s) to some degree which made these women the best motivational and emotional support I could have asked for starting my physical health journey. The women in this class are simply amazing, there is no judgment on anyone’s physical abilities. There are variations to any exercise whether it was easier or more challenging; either way, it’s a personal choice.


Charon, I AM FIIT instructor brings this high energy to class that is infectious. Charon will demonstrate each exercise, variations when needed and Charon will participate in the class workout too. The encouragement was an aspect I appreciate the most. I would watch Charon demonstrate an exercise and think to myself “There is no way” or “You want me to do what?” which usually came out through a nervous laugh. Charon would look over and simply say “You can do it” and she was right.I would shock myself and get a boost of confidence.


I AM FIT helped beyond measure in my personal goals. Throughout the week I would attend class religiously then hike on weekends. The strength I have gained made it possible to hike longer distances up higher elevations where ropes are needed.


I have become that much more physically capable within my job as a Care Aide and more importantly the positive mental health changes.

With a recent workplace change, I had to make the hard decision to leave I AM FIIT class. I am grateful for the experience although I now know what I can do on my own down in the main workout area on my own schedule.”

- Cora

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